Reports regarding new ways that have been devised to reduce the threat to commecial aviation have brought to light a couple of interesting countermeasures:

(ATS) or Automated Targeting System

This data-mining operation is designed to go beyond already-exisiting terror watch lists (which we know are incomplete and poorly updated) and create risk models for travelers both inside and outside the U.S.

Privacy-right advocates are correct when they say this is likely one of the most invasive government programs to date.

As with everything else surrounding avsec, we should look at the details to determine if it is really effective: What data is being collected? What format is it being entered? How are databases being reconciled? What statistical tools are being used to predict future behaviors? How is the information disseminated? Among other things...

Full Body X-Ray Scan

Phoenix International Airport is in the process of testing full body X-rays for travelers. A question: Are the workers who have access to planes, baggage, and cargo also subject to this level of scutiny?