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While the focus has been on mandatory masking, alcohol is still a huge contributor.

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Despite recent changes to CDC guidelines, the federal mask mandate will continue for all commercial air travelers.

This should make for a most interesting Spring and Summer travel season.
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The recent developments around a "No Fly List" for Air Ragers is leading to the possible creation of said list.

We should be careful. The TSA's creation of the Terror Watch List was a result of the 9/11 attacks.

In theory it was a good idea.

In execution, it was a mess.

Names were jumbled, misspelled, and innocent travelers experienced all kinds of unneeded stress and strain.

Caution is the best call here.
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After unsuccessfully trying to open the emergency exit and bust through the cockpit door, this air rager felt the wrath of a flight attendant's coffee pot.

Well done!!

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My hometown- Cleveland- where this happened, and my State- Ohio- where the Bengals are from.

I couldn't be more proud...

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