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Posted by: athomas
As you have read here over the years, I have been very much against the proliferation of "emotional support animals:- whatever that means- within the confines of the air transport network.

Many individuals took full advantage of this soft-spot in the law and caused lot's of unnecessary upheaval and stress.

Just last week I saw a woman feeding her dog off a table in the food court at Orlando International...

Legitimate service animals are a whole other classification and should be viewed differently- as the Department of Transportation is doing in its new rules.

Kudos to the DOT for their wise and thoughtful move here.

No matter how much some people might want it, animals are not people - and never will be.
Posted by: athomas
In the first big incident of 2020, a Newark-bound passenger rushed the cockpit and eventually injured six people, including some of the police officers who were trying to arrest him once the plane landed.

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