If you travel as much as I do, you have likely seen passengers increasingly traveling with their 'comfort animals'.

In the vast majority of cases it is a freakin' sham.

Except for blind folks and disabled vets, no one should be able to bring their dog- or any other non-human "pet"- anywhere near to an airport.

On a Frontier flight last month, one of those sandal-clad, yoga-pants wearing types who believes the world owes them everything was prancing through the ticketing area with her "comfort" dog. At the checkpoint it took 5 minutes to get "Rover" to pass through the screening machine.

The wack owner thought it was soooooo cute. Everyone else was angry at being delayed.

Then, in the concourse, the dog pissed right in front of a restaurant, five feet from where a family had been enjoying their meal. If any human had done what the mongrel did, they would have been shipped off to Guantanamo: no questions asked.

Instead the Berkleyesque-owner giggled and continued on to the gate: oblivious to any personal responsibility.

I am getting sick and tired of these dog owners who believe that merely possessing a pet gives them the right to take their mongrels anywhere. Trust me, a vast majority of the population thinks so, too.

Memo to you self-absorbed losers: your dogs are not humans. Read a Biology textbook...

Dogs are filthy creatures that belong in your house or on a leash in your yard. Not near to where us humans eat, walk, sleep, etc.

Thankfully, Delta and United are working hard to curb this abuse.