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Posted by: athomas
While the primary focus of terrorism over the past several years has been on ISIL, Al-qaeda continues to target commercial aviation.

Most recent examples include Egypt Air MS804 from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle to Cairo in May 2016; and, the bombing of MetroJet 9268 in November 2016 that was carrying Russian tourists from Sharm El Sheikh.

Al-qaeda’s primary target remains the United States' commercial air transport network.

The idea of using electronic devices as "Trojan horses” to deliver explosives onboard a flight is nothing new.

In fact, the proliferation of personal electronic devices has made it easier than any time in the past to do this.

While security concerns are understandably high, the economic impact of an attack or threat that would lead to a ban on personal electronic devices could devastate the airline industry - and global economy.

A big question: Would- or could- people travel without their mobile phone?
Posted by: athomas
Just in time for the spring and summer travel rush, the TSA is gearing up to scrutinize travelers in a much more invasive way.

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