As we reflect on the 12-year anniversary of 9/11, let us remember that the scourge of air rage was a major contributing factor to the events of that day.

In the 24 months prior to the attack, there were 36 documented cases of a disruptive passenger partially or entirely penetrating the cockpit door of a commercial airliner.

Despite loud calls to the FAA from pilots, flight attendants, and analysts to re-enforce the door, nothing was done. It was deemed too expensive and burdensome to the industry.

The planners of 9/11 and the terrorists who took over the planes had studied this glaring security vulnerability for years; and, knew it held the key to their "success".

As we reflect once again on the tragedy and staggering costs of that day, let us remember that 9/11 was, ultimately, a product of an aviation security system that was set-up to fail.