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Posted by: athomas
In what appears to be the latest and most visible of TSA overreach, Senator Rand Paul., son of Congressman Ron Paul, was detained at Nashville International Airport today by the TSA after refusing to subject himself to a TSA frisking.

This issue is not going away. And the "monster" that is TSA, as observed by its creator Congressman John Mica, will keep trying to expand its control more and more...

A battle over this is coming...

Posted by: athomas
The TSA has decided to test the now-infamous naked x-ray machines for radiation, but in a unique and strange way.

Apparently, the Agency will not test the machines. Instead, they will test TSA operators to see if they have higher levels of radiation does after prolonged exposure to the machines. Wow?!?

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Posted by: athomas
As the "naked x-ray" machines continue their unchecked expansion across America, concerns persist about their safety and their security effectiveness.

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