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Posted by: athomas
Today's suicide bombing of a terminal at Moscow's international airport reminds us that terminals remain "top of mind" as a terrorist target.

A recent suicide bombing of a major terminal includes June 2007 at Glasgow International Airport, when a Jeep Cherokee, laden with explosives, was driven into the terminal by terrorists.

Also, let us not forget al-qaeda's thwarted plan to blow up the international terminal at LAX on New Year's Eve 1999 using a suicide car bomb.

Posted by: athomas
A recent TSA Red Team operation revealed a corrupt insider working behind the check-in counter at Charlotte Int'l. Airport.

In this case, hat's off to the TSA. Let's hope more Red Teams are out there doing these kinds of things. This is the best way to make security better.

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Posted by: athomas
One of the reasons why people act up on aircraft - in addition to things like alcohol and drug abuse- is mental illness. Such seems the case when an imbalanced man attempted to hijack a Turkish Airlines flight.

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A recent study published in the Journal of Transportation Security details how the "naked X-ray machines" being deployed at airports around the world don't detect explosives as well as might think.

I've included some links to news reports which detail the findings.

USA Today: Body scanners' effectiveness limited

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Washington Post: More body scanners coming to an airport near you

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TPM Wire: Scanners Can Be Fooled with Pancakes

And, for those of you who watch "Comedy Central"...