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In light of the terminal attack on Glasglow Airport:

As I detailed in my book AVIATION INSECURITY in 2003 (p. 141), airport sabotage and airport assaults on terminal facilities have historically been preferred methods of attacking aviation by both terrorist and criminal groups.

Some recent events include:

End of 1999 - foiled bombing of international terminal at LAX by Al-Qaeda operatives.

July 18, 2000 - bomb explodes in a garbage can between the domestic and international terminals at Cape Town International Airport in South Africa.

July 22, 2001 - Suicide squads of Tamil Tigers battle with government security forces at Colombo International Airport in Sri Lanka.

July 4, 2002 - terror attack on the El Al counter at the international terminal at LAX.

Aviation has always been and remains the most attractive target for global terror and criminal networks.
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The evolving story about a mother traveling with her 20-month old toddler and the battle over a sippy cup with security personnel at Reagan National raises some serious concerns.

The stories of the mother and the TSA are diametrically opposed.

The mom says she was told the water in her son's sippy cup violated the 3 oz. rule and that she would have to surrender the water inside as well as the sippy cup. Read more about her version here.

The TSA counters that in a fit of rage, the mom dumped the water from the sippy cup onto the floor and that the sippy cup was not going to be confiscated. See the video from the TSA website.

A couple of questions:

Why did the TSA feel the need to release the security-camera footage on its website for the world to see? Governmental agencies are not in the business of discrediting citizens and winning the public relations battle against them.

Why is the focus of our nation's aviation security system still overwhleming focused on potentially bad things rather than bad people?

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The issue of air rage is one that can not be wished away. It will remain a major security vulnerability so long as regulators refuse to do something constructive about the problem.

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The revelation of the foiled plot against the JFK fuel facilities demonstrates ? once again- the importance terror and criminal groups place on aviation as both a target and delivery system. In just the last few months, we have learned about the desired use of aviation assets to attack the Saudi oilfields; gangs using commercial aircraft to transport illegal drugs and firearms; along with many more nefarious actions and plans.

Aviation security is a deadly serious business and any approach to it must take into account the entire system, rather than merely particular aspects. Passenger screening, the seemingly top priority, needs to be balanced with other vital areas of the system such as the AOA, terminal, cargo, and perimeter.

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