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Posted by: athomas
The most recent foiled attempt in Saudi Arabia by Al-qaeda underscores the importance global terorrist networks place on both using and destroying aviation-related targets. It seems in this most recent case that general aviation aircraft were to be used as weapons and/or delivery systems to inflict damage on the ground.

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Posted by: athomas
One of the most under-reported and misunderstood set of facts concerning the 9-11 attacks concerns the role of security and mismanagement at Boston's Logan International Airport.

Brian Sullivan, a retired FAA Special Agent from Boston, succinctly details the relationship between the airport and Mohammed Atta (the suicide pilot of AA 11) as well as others of the Al-qaeda team.

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Posted by: athomas
With more passengers flying than ever before, on planes that are more crowded than ever before, using a system that is already beyond capacity, expect more impatient, frustrated, and badly-behaved passengers today and in the future.

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