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Bogdan Dzakovic is a true hero. A member of the FAA's elite Red Team, he saw first hand the "ins and outs" of America's air security system before and after 9-11. According to Bogdan, whose many public comments have never been disproven, the FAA was well aware of something big coming down in the summer of 2001. And still did nothing.

You can read more about Bogdan's story in my book AVIATION INSECURITY, pages 57-59

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This has got to be it all!

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The warning from the FBI to Indian officials over intercepted chatter about a possible attack on the aviation system coming out of India has further raised the specter of something coming down the pike.

See earlier postings this month about the gaming of the system in Europe.
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The statements by the highest-ranking intelligence official in the UK concerning dozens of potential terrorist plots- many of them aviation-focused- should lead us to conclude that air travel remains front and center as THE target for international jihadists.

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More relevations about the poorly functioning management structure at TSA continue to come to light. The most recent one concerns how incentive bonuses have done little, if anything, to reduce screener turnover. As I wrote over three years ago, "TSA is really just old wine in new bottles": a holdover of the old FAA.

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Without real accountability, no organization can ever operate well.